Its just so hard to leave the house!

I remember those fuzzy days with a toddler and a baby. Fuzzy meaning I scraped through those days in a bit of a haze. Not much sleep, an active toddler and a baby with a big set of vocal chords. Getting out of the house was an effort in itself.

My son used to attended organised sport for 3 year olds once a week. At the time it was the highlight and biggest challenge to my week. It was like organising for a small army. The night before I would make sure the nappy bag was fully loaded, snacks prepared (or not, as was more likely the case as I hadn’t made it to the shops that week) and clothes out.

Butter wouldn’t melt…

It was the highlight of my week because I’d meet a couple of girlfriends there who was also in the same situation, our boys would play, we would hold each others babies and vent about life and chat about holidays, dinners out, or other escapes from the everyday.

A routine like this was a reminder that life is social, if chaotic.

Sure there were days that once I got into the car with the kids I was ready to head back inside for a nap (or nip of stiff alcohol). I can look back fondly on those days now but when you’re living it in the present, its pretty tough.

In the midst of all this, how do you stay healthy, physically and mentally? Exercise is an incredibly effective method for improving both physical and mental health, yet often missed due to all the other demands on our time and energy.

Tips from a personal trainer:

Try to get out for a walk. Settle the baby in a pram and offer the preschooler or toddler a ride as well, though a scooter for them can be a great option. You can walk to the shops or cafe (if you’re feeling brave enough to take chaos to the cafe) or find a local park to visit. Let the eldest burn off some energy and you and the baby get some fresh air and a different perspective.

Try an at-home workout. Not a hectic, get jumping and running and crunching. Something a little more nurturing yet still active.

Find a personal trainer who can support you and make life easier by coming to your house. Our trainers Angela, Brianna and Mel can pack up our tool kit and come to mobile personal training you when baby sleeps.

There are plenty of ways the Your Story Fitness team can help you get active in a way that is right for your body. Check out our services and contact us when you’re ready to get back into more activity.