Living my WHY

Knowing my WHY has always been important to me. I have changed careers, more than once, but in each move I have followed my ‘why’, or my passion you might call it. Now I am fortunate enough to have a job I love AND that is aligned with my ‘why’.

My WHY is threefold:




  • Activity

  • Knowledge

  • Belief

I believe that living an active life is best for our minds and our bodies.

I believe that knowledge inspires us to take action to improve our lives

And once you believe that you can do something, you absolutely can!

I have always worked in roles where I have had the opportunity to guide others through education. And I now work in a field where I get to share my knowledge of health and fitness. Once you know something, you can use it or apply it. And using knowledge to take action inspires belief in yourself.

The data regarding Physical Activity (PA) is pretty grim.

  • around 50 percent of people who begin an exercise program will stop within 6 months.
  • around 80 percent of people do less than the government suggested guidelines.
  • physical activity can be effective in the management of several chronic diseases.

With all that then, why are people not more active? Why are women in particular so far behind these guidelines? Why do women think that active living is unachievable, or only for other women?

My vision is to get women moving. I want to inspire the average hardworking woman, be she a stay at home or career woman, who has so many demands on her time that physical activity registers somewhere between shaving your legs (only on special occasions) and a Christmas (an annual occurrence).

Living an active life is achievable

Not all women can and should be at one of these on-trend 45min HIIT gyms where women over 30 are under-represented (at best) or marginalised (probably reality). We don’t all want to work out next to skinny fit young things who talk about their huge weekends partying and moan about how busy they are (wait to you have kids sister!) We don’t all want to run around outside, getting muddy/dirty/wet at a bootcamp with exercises designed for men and army staff. The idea of fitness model/body sculpture competitor is not what most women aspire to achieve. Most women want health, energy, wellbeing and a sense of accomplishment.

Most women want these things from exercise

And thats what physical activity can provide.

I know for myself, when I’m feeling drained or tired, getting out and active helps gives me a boost. Lifting something heavy helps, it shows me I’m strong. Punching something helps, it eases my frustration. Getting out and running allows me to breathe in some fresh air and it clears my mind…to be honest, I’m trying so hard just to breathe that I can’t think of anything else.

My body, and yours, are built for physical activity. As women we owe it to ourselves to be healthy. We take on the challenges of those around us, yet we can’t help others unless we help ourselves first. We aspire to be role models for our children or those around us who we love. We want to live true to our values…and for most of us, health is one of those values.

So come on, get active. Ask for help if you need it.

And remember, the first is the worst! Once you’ve started it gets easier.