Shake it up

In the words of Taylor Swift we need to “Shake it up” if we want sustained benefit from exercise its important to add variety to your workout.

As you work through a circuit or program your body remembers all the movements and patterns. It naturally looks for the easiest and most efficient means of completing a task. We are creatures of habit, or at least our bodies are. This means that if you always do the same exercises in the same routine, you’ll find it harder to get restyle.

Which on the surface, doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Chances are the reason why you’re doing that exercise routine is that your body changed initially. You became stronger, fitter or lost a bit of weight. And so you’re like, “Yep, I know the answer”.  But your body has outsmarted you. Its time for you to outsmart it…again.

There’s a few different types of exercise programs you can add in to the mix so that every time you hit the gym, running track or pool your body doesn’t go straight to autopilot.

  1. 1. STRENGTH

If strength work is your go-to then there are ways you can shake up your program. Look to find a balance between consistency to allow your body to see the strength gains, and variety so that your body doesn’t get locked into routine.

Changing your program every 4-6 weeks is ideal. You can vary the exercises you do whilst still focussing on a particular body part or movement. You can mix up your weights, repetitions and even pace.


Hight Intensity Interval Training is all the go at the moment. And for good reason. Touted as the latest answer to fat loss, working with interval training can hasten improvements in your fitness.

The current industry trend with HIIT is hight intensity and high impact. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way, there are plenty of other HIIT options that are low impact – cycling, deep water running, body weight exercises.

HIIT has lots of benefits

You can read more about HIIT training in my previous blog.


Steady state cardiovascular exercise is really just going for a walk, jog or bike ride. A physical activity that raises your heart rate to a level that you can still maintain a conversation, and keeps it at this level for 30-40 minutes. Now if that is a stretch, you can start with 15 minutes and work up to it.

Steady state training balances out the intensity and hard effort of your other training sessions. Steady State training alone does not give you all the benefits of exercise that you are aiming for such as the muscular strength and bone density that strength training provides.

This style of training can be great for your mind, to switch it off and focus on your surrounds.

Walking is a great steady state option to balance out your other training


Trying a new style of exercise is also another means of adding variety to your workout routine. A new class is also great for your brain, to challenge you with new moves and actions, perhaps a little more coordination or getting out of your routine.

Its time to your body out of your comfort zone and shake it up!

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