Term 4 Studio Schedule

Term 4 is already upon us…when did that happen? Wasn’t it January only last week!?!

We are running a group session each week day this term with a few different class styles. And we have added on an extra early morning and evening classes.

Studio schedule for Term 4

That means plenty of options for you to get started with our $7 for 7 days offer.

This offer is perfect for you if you:

* are SO ready to create change in your life, to get serious;
* want to set aside your guilt about putting yourself first
* feel a constant pull between work, household and family to find time for you;
* have been thinking of getting started for a while, but not sure how or where;
* do not want to join a gym;
* really need to find more energy for life…

*small group sessions (up to 8 people per session)
*a variety of workout styles including strength, boxing, and HIIT sessions


October special to get you started

Unlimited class membership just $45 per week.

Bookings can be made via our website: http://bit.ly/2y5BOV4