Top 3…stay active when the cold hits

Summer seems to have departed Melbourne and with it, plenty of good exercise intentions. You know what it’s like, the weather turns cold and you want to crawl back under a blanket. 

Summer…come back!

Here are my top 3 tips for staying active in cold weather:

1. Make an active booking – make a time with a friend to walk or run together, a booking with your personal trainer or a class booking. Set the time aside in your diary and a commitment to someone else and you’re more likely to go.

2. Move inside – swim in an indoor pool, find a spin class instead of cycling outside, a hot yoga class to warm up or a personal trainer who runs indoor sessions, try a dance class. Either way, if you’re inside you’ll stay warm and dry and you’ll find it easier to turn up. 

3. Rug up – invest in a cap and a rainproof jacket so you can layer up and head outside for some fresh air. Find some running gloves and a beanie and you can head out in any weather. 

The best advice is find something you love and do it regularly. A healthy life doesn’t stop because the sun goes in.