What’s HIIT all about?

High Intensity Interval Training workouts are super popular at the moment. And with good reason. There are plenty of benefits of this style of workout.

Taking around 30 mins or less, they’re short which is perfect for time-poor people.  You can complete it in your own home with little or no equipment.

They get your heart rate up and can be effective in improving your fitness. And if you work hard enough, your body will access you fat stores and you’ll be burning fat. What’s not to love?

Well a few things. Some HIIT workouts I see make me cringe. Workouts full of tuck jumps and burpees are not only hard (read: awful), but they also have the potential to harm your pelvic floor. I have seen several women in my studio who have suffered incontinence after regularly participating in HIIT workouts with other fitness brands.

A HIIT workout doesn’t need to have to be high impact to be high intensity.

Today’s workout was tough. My heart rate was up and everyone was working breathless and working hard.

If you’re ready to give it a try, pull your runners on, get the timer going on your phone and get started with the workout below.

Warm up with some mobilisation exercises and/or walking, marching or running. And then cool down and STRETCH when you’re finished.

REMEMBER: work safely, within your limits, but challenge yourself. You should be breathless at the end of each round.

Contact us for modifications specific to your needs.

45 seconds work/15 seconds rest. Complete each exercise for five rounds.

  • pulse squat x 2 and kick

  • push up x 2 and lunge each leg

  • walkout and push up and stand up and squat

  • knee repeat x 4 and mountain climb cross over x 4 each side

disclaimer – this is general exercise advice. Ensure you have medical clearance to exercise prior to undertaking any new exercise program.