When a week isn’t long enough

….but it is oh. so. long.

This week is going to be one of those more hectic than normal ones. You know, like when life if a busy schedule of work, exercise, kids, cooking healthy dinners, etc….you all know the drill. One of the first things to slip on weeks, (months? years?) like this can often be exercise.

Not this week! I’m in training for my next half-marathon so getting my running sessions in is a priority. So how to do it…plan ahead.

Having checked out my diary, I know I’ll miss my long Tuesday run and will have to get to it over the weekend instead.

This week calls for short, sharp, targeted sessions.

Monday – core workout and sprint session (ugh, I hate sprints, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives)

Tuesday – Power Plate session – 30 -40 mins of whole body vibration training to condition, strengthen and challenge legs and gluteals in preparation for upcoming longer runs.

Wednesday – strength session with a goal of increasing repetitions to build muscular endurance, unilateral and stability exercises to strengthen legs and hips.

Thursday – run day (yay!) early morning run

Friday – HIIT session

Saturday/Sunday – long run and recovery session

my recovery tools in the studio

A long week, with plenty of cross-training opportunities. Well-planned and booked into my diary. How’s your exercise diary looking?